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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Health Assurance

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Line Of Income

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Enjoy Free Hindi Songs

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Sony Cyber-Shot W110 Digital Camera

Remarkably compact and powerful, the Sony Cyber-Shot W110 Digital Camera will satisfy the needs of all users and is available in a choice of up-to-the-minute colour options. What's it like though?

This one stands out from the crowd with its clean lines and cool, contemporary looks while inside the sleek all-aluminium case, it is packed with the latest Sony technology to widen your creative options and guarantee even more fabulous memories. It features a rich camera with aluminium case with silver finish, and teams fantastic HD image quality with easy-to-use features.

Despite superb image quality and advanced shooting functions, the Sony CyberShot W110 is brilliantly simple to use capturing details in 1080 Full HD format, so picture quality, contrast and colour rendering are all superb. Yes, this is certainly built to impress, combining a 4X optical zoom lens with a 7.2 megapixel camera and also has a spectacular ISO sensitivity reaching ISO 3200 which reduces the effects of blur and allows you to take pictures in poorly lit conditions.

When I bought this for a family member I was amazed by the picture quality as I thought it would turn out to be the same as all the other mid-range cameras with decent picture quality but nothing special - but this camera really and truly is something special. The Sony developed BIONZ image processor inside the Sony W110 powers improved Face Detection Technology, now with even faster tracking plus the ability to recognise faces that are further from the camera.

The battery is precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatiblity and safety to exceed original SONY Cyber-shot W110 battery manufacturer specifications. All the batteries have a full one year quality assurance & 30 days money back gurantee.

The Sony Cyber-Shot W110 Digital Camera is perfect for first-time photographers and seasoned users alike, with a useful on-screen function guide and Easy Shooting mode to make high quality image shooting simple. You will be amazed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Xbox 360 - Wall E

Wall.E is one of the latest Xbox 360 video game that roll of the production following Hollywood style...We have seen countless titles that follow this format and like most, they suffer from too short a development cycle. Unlike "Tomb Raider", most movie inspired video game don't fare too well in the gaming industries. Wall.E is no exception.

Basically the video game follow the same storyline as the movie. Earth is polluted and needs to be cleaned up. The tasks is assigned to robots called Waste Allocation Load Lifer Earth-Class..."Wall.E". after seven hundred years had passed, the only two things that remain on earth is one Wall.E unit and a cockroach. One day an EVE or Extra - Terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator descend on earth and turn Wall.E world upside down. At this part, the player game play will decide the outcome of the game.

The Xbox 360 version of the video game is simple enough. Players go around hunting and collecting objects solve simple puzzles etc. The game also allow you to switch between two character that is Wall.E and EVE. Game control are kids friendly. I would say easy to understand and catch on. The basic controls movement apply to both Wall.E and EVE. As mention earlier, from the time frame of the movies release to that of the game release, there are bound to be "bugs" in the game due to the short development cycle.

Players will find "invisible walls" when your character for no reason bump into "something." So if you seen the movie first,then play the video game...You be sorely disappointed. The graphics are not even close to that you find in the movies.. It's sad to find as a gaming see that the game developer don't take advantage of the expansive of the Next Gen Gaming console like the Xbox 360.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Nintendo Wii Fit & Balance Board

The Nintendo Wii Fit features four main categories of exercises to choose from: Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games. Taking the revolutionary motion sensing abilities of the Wii, the Wii Fit itself features the inclusion of the Balance Board, a sturdy device placed on a flat surface, that can read the motions and gestures of anybody standing on top of it.

This nifty device features more than 40 different exercises across four areas of training such as leaning to block soccer balls, swivelling hips to power hoop twirls or balancing to hold the perfect yoga pose. These are of course fun activities, and don't forget the ski jumping and heading soccer balls, that challenge the player's overall body balance.

This is all about controlled motion using arms, legs and other body parts which in themselves include dancing, exercise, balance and dexterity games which Nintendo says will help to build muscles and provide stability.

The Wii Fit Balance Board will allow your Mum to do yoga, your Dad to do push-ups, and you to play that nifty head-the-soccer-balls-but-not-the-panda-heads mini-game that comes packaged with it. There are a slew of graphs tied in with a calendar to ensure that you stick to the programme and woe betide you if you miss a session because you'll get a good old fashioned nagging if you stay away from your Wii Fit for too long.

This system, with motion-sensing controllers and play is intended for a broad audience beyond hard-core gamers and I don't have to tell you that it's working just fine all around the world.

Fitness is about cardio-vascular, agility and stamina. Fitness and entertainment at the same time. Is it possible that the Wii Fit and the Balance Board can provide a stimulating workout? You bet it is.

Online Pro Evolution Soccer 3

Pro evolution soccer 3 is a massive reworked game on the computer. It is easily downloadable by fan made modes of the game. Several features of the older versions of the pro evolution soccer games were included in the newest version. The game initiated its release for Microsoft Windows but it particularly does not support the common Geforce MX series. Additional flavors to the game were included such as new player models, ball moves (on and off) and simplified new modes for cup tournaments. Friendly matches, series of games and shop store are some of the new elements of the revolutionary game. The shop allows the player to choose their gears and equipments which will ultimately increase the players' excitement for the game. Training and soccer exhibition games were also added to the game which will help the player accumulate points. Trading is also an added feature of the game.

With trading, you get to convert certain amount of points to new stadiums, crowd effects, teams' players, and fashion statements as well as hairstyles of players which will grant the player prolonged hours of engaging with the game. The new series of revolutionary game is now fast paced with sharper versions of graphics. It is said to be the direct adaptation of the PlayStation 2 code.